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The MK8 Power Porter 24V is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience. We have invested in new tooling and an impressive new durable speed controller.

New features are:

  • Custom made smart LED waterproof durable speed controller
  • Extra strength laser cut front axle supports
  • Clip on inner bags with straps
  • Extra torque 30:1 drive ratio gearbox bespoke to Carp Porter and gives high torque at low speed
  • IP68 waterproof quick lock connector system
  • Roller bearing cage system enclosing drive axle, maintenance free

Other features are:

  • Custom programmed software for soft start and slow reverse feature
  • Precision machined axle and hubs with disconnect drive feature for freewheeling
  • High torque gearbox designed for a wheelbarrow high torque low speed. We do not use hub motors which give low torque high speed suitable for a bicycle.
  • Automatic fuse protection safety system
  • New quick charge charger with LED charge system
  • All electrics are UK made and individually sealed against water ingress and tested before leaving factory
  • Easily folding with removable front axle assembly for easy storage
  • All Power Porters are compatible with our extensive parts catalogue and class leading luggage selection
  • Each barrow tested for tracking in factory
  • Your assurance of reliability is based on over 15 years’ experience.

Includes: batteries, battery bag, quick charger, Tri-Porter rear wheels, spares kit, bungees, rear feet, deluxe Y bar, 24v electrics with soft start and programmed slow reverse.

This amazing 24V Power Porter is designed for anglers that require the ultimate barrow. Designed to draw less current than a normal 12V and give more torque and power on the most demanding terrain. Both batteries are in a single bag and charging is via a plug-in lead; no need to remove batteries. Each electric drive unit is tested by immersion in water.

Every Power-Porter is covered by a full 1-Year Warranty from date of purchase.


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